Thursday, August 8, 2013

Third to last day of language classes!  We went over a conversation at a restaurant, including the four different ways to see “What would you like to eat?” (one for friends, two that are formal, and one that’s super duper formal).  We also learned how to say service, how to say “Let’s ____ together,” and a verb form that means “Would you like to go to __ (verb).  We also learned more about the final exam coming up on Wednesday.  It’ll be reading, writing, and speaking.  Time to get to work and study everything!

In the afternoon we had a talk by Borchien Lai, a public affairs officer at the Regional Program office at the U.S. Embassy.  He talked to us about how we can get involved in the American Corners, which are information centers in the regions with American books, periodicals, DVDs, etc, that offer programs for the general public.  The regional affairs office can help us put on events at the Centers, which are located in Daegu, Gwangju, and Busan.  Fortunately, I’m pretty close to both Daegu and Busan, so I’ll be able to volunteer at the center and hopefully help plan my own programs.


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