Korean Final Exam Day

Today we had our final exam for our Korean class.  I’ve been taking an intensive Korean language class for the past month, and this morning we had to bring everything we knew out in a four-hour exam.  The first part was reading and multiple choice, where we had to read small passages and answer questions about them.  The second part was writing, which included putting in correct grammar in sentences, finishing the sentence correctly, and writing an essay about our day.  The last part was speaking.  We came in with a partner, randomly picked a topic, and had to speak about that topic for 3 minutes.  Unortunately for me and my partner, I chose giving directions, by far the hardest topic.  We also had an interview, where the teacher asked us questions and we had to answer.  It wasn’t too bad, actually, I just talked about my favorite foods, what time I usually wake up and what time I went to bed last night, and what I was doing after this (lunch, obviously).  

Although I still have a very limited vocabulary and can only speak about certain topics, I’m amazed with how far I’ve come.  We’ve only been taking classes for a month, and already I know how to use the past, present, future, command, and polite request forms, give directions, and ask for things in a restaurant and a store.  My next step is to review all the vocabulary I’ve learned and continue to learn more.  I hope to take Korean classes during the year, though it might be difficult to find one that’s convenient.  I have to review what I’ve learned so that I won’t forget it.  I’m going to continue using Quizlet, a vocab study website, in order to remember the vocabulary I’ve learned.  

Tomorrow is our last day of classes.  Tomorrow night we’re throwing a surprise pizza and chicken and cake picnic dinner for our teachers!


One thought on “Korean Final Exam Day

  1. Wow, Lyz! I’m so impressed you learned so much Korean!

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